For those living with Psoriasis, you are not alone. There are many out there who are going through the same challenges, read their stories here:


My Life with Psoriasis #9: Make the Change and Witness the World Change

By True Complexion | December 16, 2020
I suspect that it was my second tattoo that triggered my psoriasis. I already had a few red spots around my waist, which I thought were insect bites. But after I got that tattoo, my skin flared up. The red spots

My Life with Psoriasis #8: Going Through It as A Family

By True Complexion | December 3, 2020
It took me five years to go see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis for my skin condition. I guess I was in denial. Being young, I thought I was impervious to illness. I couldn’t accept the fact that I had psoriasis,

My Life with Psoriasis #7: Abnormality versus Society

By True Complexion | November 6, 2020
Photo by Robin Wong, @shutter.therapystyled by Janet Lee, @janetleemusic I have always had sensitive and problematic skin ever since I was a kid. It wasn’t particularly alarming, but I always found myself having the

My Life with Psoriasis #6: Staying Strong to Stay Alive

By True Complexion | November 5, 2020
Ever since I was 11, I have been in and out of hospitals. The last time I was admitted to a hospital was back in February. I was there for eight days and no one, not even my children, came to visit me. It has always

My Life with Psoriasis #5: We Don’t Have To Be Alone In Our Struggles

By True Complexion | October 17, 2020
I have been a musician for about 13 years now. As someone who is always on stage and in front of the camera, having psoriasis can be a challenge. I used to only wear long pants and long sleeve shirts while

My Life with Psoriasis #4: The Strength To Keep Moving Forward

By True Complexion | October 17, 2020
I developed psoriatic arthritis about three months after I was diagnosed with psoriasis. That happened about 10 years ago, when I was still in university. At first, it affected my knees, and then it started to hurt my

My Life with Psoriasis #3: Psoriasis almost made me give up my dreams

By True Complexion | October 16, 2020
I was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 18. I just started my life as a university student. It started with a small patch on my scalp and I thought it was dandruff. I was told by a skin specialist that it was

Letters to Psoriasis Fighters #3: Thank You for Your Love

By Rocyie Wong | October 16, 2020
Hey guys, it’s me, Rocyie again. Today I want to talk about something really important – the relationships that we have with our loved ones. To put things into perspective, there are around 125 million of us affected

My Life with Psoriasis #2: The Spots on my Skin

By True Complexion | October 16, 2020
"Kenapa semakin banyak tompok-tompok Amirul? Tak jumpa doktor ke?" "Macam mana nak cari girlfriend kalau kulit Amirul macam ni?" "Are you sure you can eat kuah kacang? Kacang can make your skin worse." Ever since

My Life with Psoriasis #1: My Unpredictable Skin Condition

By True Complexion | October 16, 2020
It’s hard waking up every morning, not knowing how bad my psoriasis would be and how it would affect my day. I’m like a yo-yo, somedays I feel good and optimistic, where I’m able to go out and socialise. While on

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Rocyie Wong

Rocyie is a proud Psoriasis Fighter, creator of Project Naked and Safe Space, which aims to raise awareness for autoimmune diseases, mental health and also provide a platform for conversations that matter. She is also a speaker, body positive activist and campaigner.

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True Complexion

Motivated by her personal experience of growing up with a significant birthmark on her face, Rozella turned her struggles with bullying and body image issues into a social awareness platform called True Complexion. The platform uses narrative and photography to highlight stories of individuals living with disabilities, rare diseases, chronic illnesses and mental health issues, while spreading the message of acceptance and empowerment.


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