Psoriasis is a global disease affecting millions around the world. is a one-stop resource centre which aims to provide those affected with the right information and tips on how to better manage their condition. We understand the burden of being diagnosed with psoriasis and its impact on each individual and their families, and would like this website to serve as a reminder that you are not alone.

MyPsoriasis is an online hub of healthcare content for patients of psoriasis in Malaysia . We bring you answers to frequently-asked topics about this skin disease , with authoritative medical insights presented in a user-friendly and applicable way. Founded in 2017, provides valuable resources for patients of psoriasis in Malaysia brought to you by a highly-experienced team of board-certified doctors. All content herein is presented for informational purposes for residents of Malaysia only. None of this information should be used as a substitute for patient discussions with healthcare providers on medical advice, prognosis, or treatment guidelines. You should always discuss any psoriasis questions you have with your local healthcare professional. Contact us if you still have any questions or concerns about this website.