Put Your Psoriasis Worries on Pause

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If you are living with psoriasis, you would know all about the struggles of living with this autoimmune disease that not only impacts you physically, but emotionally as well.

The emotional effects of psoriasis may seem familiar to you, but to others it is not something that they can recognise because they are not in your shoes. In fact, about 88% of patients surveyed in the Clear about Psoriasis survey, felt self-conscious or ashamed when doing activities1.

The impact of Psoriasis can be challenging; however, you must remember that you are not alone. Here are some things you can do and put your worries on pause:

  1. Speak to others like you

    Psoriasis affects about 125 million people in the world2. Your journey with psoriasis does not have to be a lonely one and you can connect with a close friend and share with them your struggles.

    You can also reach out to patient groups like the Psoriasis Association of Malaysia where you can meet other patients like yourself. This is not a fight you have to face alone, speak to someone and you may feel better about it.

  2. Do something that you enjoy

    If you have something that you enjoy doing, you can channel your energy into it especially when you are feeling down. Focusing on something you love, be it cooking, hiking, or reading a book, it may help you take your mind off your worries and keep you motivated for the rest of the day. However, if you are planning to do an outdoor activity, always seek advice from your dermatologist and know your limits.

  3. Stop the stress

    Stress is known to be one of the triggers of a psoriasis flare-up3, and together they form a vicious relationship. If you are stressed over your psoriasis, it may make it worse, which eventually leads you to get even more stressed out. There are ways for you to reduce stress such as meditation, doing yoga or simple breathing exercises4.

  4. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

    By simply adopting a healthier lifestyle, it may not only help your psoriasis and its related diseases, but also it can improve your mood and overall outlook. Try analysing the food you eat and understand what can trigger a flare up5. Also put in time to exercise, you may see some improvement on your skin and your overall mental health6.

If you have an activity in mind but you are unsure of its impact to your skin, always speak to your dermatologists to find out what is the best move for you. It is also important that you continue to stick to your treatment plan, as by controlling your flare-ups, it will help you have a peace of mind.



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