Treatments for Psoriasis

Even if there is no cure for psoriasis, stay positive. Do not give up. You can still manage psoriasis symptoms by learning about different treatment alternatives — from clinical drugs to traditional remedies. Check out the articles below to explore various psoriasis treatments in Malaysia.

Useful Tips To Treat Psoriasis Symptoms

  1. Find a doctor you can trust: ​The day to day struggles with psoriasis, especially when you flare up, can look like a minefield. You really want a doctor who you can trust and who will be by your side throughout your journey with this disease. If your skin specialist does not understand your lifestyle problems or is not up to date with the latest psoriasis treatments, do not hesitate to look for an alternative skin specialist.
  2. Practice healthy lifestyle habits:​ There are habits and practices you do daily which might trigger your psoriasis. It could be stress, alcohol, smoking or skin injuries. Find out what they are to prevent more harm to yourself. Awareness means empowering your ability to take control and have a normal life.”
  3. When to change your medication:​ Over your lifetime, you will probably cycle through various types of treatments to manage your psoriasis. What worked well in clearing your skin before could suddenly stop working or be a lot less effective. Your body becomes immune to treatments after a while and you need to know when is the right time to start looking into other alternatives. Do not give up. You can have clear skin and lead a normal life.
  4. Set realistic treatment plans and goals: When undergoing any of psoriasis treatments, remember to set realistic targets and timelines of what you want to achieve. What works for others may not work for you, and vice-versa. Learn what to look out for to evaluate how well a treatment is going so that you can have a meaningful conversation with your doctor about it.
  5. Consider Biologics Treatment​: If you have severe psoriasis, consider asking for biologics from your dermatologist to clear your skin. Learn all about what biologics treatment is, how effectively it clears symptoms, what are the side effects, and how it impacts the quality of your life. With biologics treatment, you could have a normal life. Ask for clear skin today!


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