Dr. Ch’ng Chin Chwen

Dr. Ch’ng is a NSR registered consultant dermatologist. She graduated as a gold medalist from  Univeristy Malaya in 2006. She obtained her Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physician of the  United Kingdom in 2010 and joined the dermatology team in University Malaya that same year.She  completed her Advanced Master in Dermatology (UKM) in 2014 and a visiting fellowship in  Cutaneous Laser Surgery in Mahidol University (Thailand) in 2017. Her special interests include  acne, psoriasis, urticaria, contact dermatitis/eczema and procedural dermatology.

 Dr. Ch’ng started her instagram account @cccskindoc to provide free skin care tips and  education to the public. She believes everyone deserves up-to-date and accurate information on  skin care to embrace the skin that he or she is in.

Place of Practice
Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC)
IG: @cccskindoc

Articles by Dr. Ch’ng Chin Chwen

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