Coping with Psoriasis

See what others have to say about their journey with psoriasis and learn how they manage their skin condition for a happier life.

Not Alone With Psoriasis – 4 Ways To Seek Support

Living with psoriasis can mean putting up with false negative perceptions that other people have and being made to feel like an outcast in certain social circles. Never give up. With a solid support system emotionally as well as physically, we can cope with psoriasis and lead a normal life. Check out these resources for getting the support you need:

  1. Support Groups
    Psoriasis is a worldwide disease, which affects millions. Most likely, you will find someone else who has walked in your shoes. If they are now leading a normal life then you know it is possible for you to overcome similar challenges. To learn more about others like you locally, do check out Psoriasis Association of Malaysia, or sign up to pen pal program to comfortably speak to someone who understands how you feel. You can also visit which provides resources for people living with this condition.
  2. Family & Friends
    Family support is vital especially for teenagers with psoriasis. Sometimes, parents might struggle with their own emotion when their child is battling psoriasis; they may be tired and impatient. Therefore, parents and friends should reach out to others who are experiencing similar struggles and learn how they, too can offer the right support.
  3. Professional Advice
    Psoriasis involves a complex interplay between the skin and our immune system. Therefore, it might involve seeing a dermatologist and other specialist for psoriasis related conditions. You can start by speaking to a professional dermatologist by clicking here.
  4. Social Media Community
    Communities on popular social media platforms like Facebook make it easier to share stories with others that are otherwise not accessible when you can’t meet in person. Groups like the Psoriasis Association of MalaysiaNational Psoriasis Foundation, or the Novartis Malaysia facebook page can conveniently keep you informed and is a safe place for you to seek advice from.

Inspired and ready to take control of your life? Are current home remedies for psoriasis not working to resolve your particular skin condition? Get connected to a panel of professional dermatologists who are ready to provide a solution to your needs. Simply speak with a doctor now by clicking below to arrange an appointment.