Coping with Psoriasis at Work

3. Make positivity a priority

It can get frustrating when you’re constantly told to stay positive when you’re having a flare up at work. However, a positive mind-set can be trained with meditation and even a little bit of exercise. Cultivate a positive working environment by making friends with your colleagues who are uplifting and encouraging. Stay away from people who bring you and the entire office down.

4. Take time off to relax

It can sometimes feel like you’ll be passed over for a promotion or perceived as lazy if you take days off. However, getting enough down time to spend with friends and family is crucial for your mental health. So do not be afraid to use those days off to book a holiday for yourself and catch up on those missed hours of sleep.

5. Prioritise having a work-life balance

According to the New York Times, millennials are the main advocates and practitioners of the hustle culture. Hustle culture is the obsession with striving. It is the complete abandonment of finding a healthy balance and instead, defining one’s worth, and perhaps one’s entire life, by what is accomplished in the workplace. However, living this way can be unhealthy, especially if you suffer from chronic diseases like psoriasis. Work smart and aim for a healthy work-life balance to keep your disease and mental health in check.