Be Confident in Your Skin

Trying to stay positive when dealing with psoriasis can be challenging. However, building your confidence despite the condition of your skin can go a long way in improving your overall outlook on life. Here are some tips for embracing the skin you’re in.

1. Stay connected with other psoriasis patients1

Feeling alone is one of the biggest hurdles when trying to build your self-confidence. Reach out to other psoriasis patients through a forum, blogs and social media who can understand and relate to what you’re going through. Always remember that there are other psoriasis patients who understand what you’re dealing with.

2. Focus on what you love1

Having psoriasis does not define you. Find something you love to do, such as a hobby, or spending time with loved ones. Channel your energy into pursuing your interests which can be your sanctuary, or psoriasis-free zone.

3. Live a healthy and active lifestyle1

Beyond the obvious physical health benefits of eating right and exercising, good healthy habits can improve your overall mood and outlook. The release of chemicals such as endorphins and other nerve cell growth factors during physical activity has proven to induce feelings of wellbeing2. Think of the runner’s high!

4. Nip stress in the bud1

You might be stressed out over your psoriasis, which can lead to worsening of the condition, which then leads to more stress. Break the cycle! Try meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises. In fact, eight weeks of mindfulness training and practice has been shown to improve quality of life for people with psoriasis.

5. Always remember that perception is key3

Sometimes, you can be too hard on yourself. It is always important to remind yourself that other people’s perceptions of your appearance can be incredibly different from your own. Chances are, you may be working yourself up about something that other people aren’t giving a second thought about. It’s worth remembering that not all the attention is focused on you – give yourself room to relax!


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