5 Ways to Dress When You Have Psoriasis Skin Problems

5 Ways to Dress When You Have Psoriasis Skin Problems

Dr. Ch’ng Chin Chwen

5 Ways To Dress When You Have Psoriasis Skin Problems

Dressing Up Despite Skin Problems

Unless you have to wear a uniform to work or to school, every morning presents a real challenge in deciding what to wear.

If you have psoriasis skin disease, how to dress is complicated by the need to disguise or cover areas of patchy, dry skin around your arms and legs.

Don’t let skin irritation stop you from looking and feeling amazing.

“People with psoriasis are not obliged to cover up the affected skin, but on days or during special event where one feels particularly self-conscious, use quarter lengths, long sleeves, maxi dresses or scarves. And use bold accessories for that extra boost of confidence!” — Dr Ch’ng Chin Chwen, Consultant Dermatologist

Look Your Best, Comfortably

Here are tips to help you dress confidently while protecting your skin.

1. Choose Kind Textures

Certain fabrics cause itchiness and skin irritation, like wool. If you have psoriasis plaques, fibers from your clothes tug or pull on the lesions. And that can be very painful. Wear fabrics that are gentler on your skin, like cotton, silk blends, or cashmere. Cotton and linen are excellent breathable fabrics that prevent moisture buildup on your skin.

Looking and feeling your best with Psoriasis is possible

2. Lovely in Layers

What if you need to layer up? Easy. Put a smooth layer between that sweater and your skin. Wear a cotton undershirt or silk camisole to protect your skin.

3. Courage and Color

Dry skin causes flaking, which can be easily seen on dark clothes. Wear light-coloured outfits instead. Be brave and bold. Your clothes are an easy way to express your personality. So, look for fun colors, patterns, and pieces that help you feel comfortable. Have a little fun.

4. Lively and Loose

Restrictive clothes make scaly patches bleed. Manage your psoriasis skin disease by wearing loose fitting clothes and lightweight undergarments. Cover your skin lesions with draped on scarves if necessary.

5. Comfortable Shoes

Shoes with tight toe boxes or made with stiff materials exacerbate symptoms and inflamed painful spots. Choose stylish but comfortable shoes. Wear thin socks to ease the friction between your skin and the shoes.

Choose clothes that fit you, your personality and your needs.
Cotton is gentle on the skin

“On my darkest days, I wear my brightest colours.”

— American singer and psoriasis patient Cyndi Lauper

Love the Skin You’re In

Get ready to walk into the world looking amazing.

Look and feel your best by picking out the right clothes that fit you, your personality and your needs.

Don’t let any skin problems dull your shine.

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